the kinks Scattered

Like a seed that is sewn
All the children are scattered
By a breeze that is blown
Now the crops are all scattered
We are torn, we are shattered
Now some of us are barmy and battered
And the fields where we gathered
Are overgrown in weeds and in tatters
Through it all we were scattered

To the fields we are scattered
From the day we are born
To grow wild and sleep rough
Till from the earth we are torn
And a soul that is free
Can live on eternally
And the spirit can live on
Though it’s scattered in the world beyond
And I’ve been out of my mind
Ever since she’s been gone

I look around that empty room
No sight nor sound
She’s left so soon
She’s out of view
But the I find
Those scattered clues she left behind
A photograph with a smiling face
A cigarette stubbed out on the fireplace
A coffee cup with her lipstick stains
I guess I’ll never see her again

Now my life is all scattered
Ever since she’s been gone
I feel older, I feel fatter
I feel the blues coming on
We get bruised
We get battered
But we’ll pick up the pieces that scattered
And with emotional glue
We’re gonna stick together, body and mind

Ever since she went away
I’ve been alone to contemplate
Time and space and why world’s move
While sitting in my solitude
I’ve watched the stars and wondered why
They’re scattered up there in the sky
And is she up there out of view
On some higher platitude

I wish I knew
Wish I could prove
The reason why this life on earth
Is scattered like the universe
I’m scattered here and scattered there
Bits of me scattered everywhere

To the fields we are scattered
Then from the dust we are born
We survive somewhat battered
To a new life, a new dawn
IN the end what will it matter
There’ll only be my ashes to scatter
And all the logical answers
To a worrying mind
Will be scattered in time
Beaten and battered
To the earth you are scattered
You’re going home so what does it matter
To an atomic mind
Scattered here while you travel time

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